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Lola&Lykee - Becoming Mom

Lola&Lykke was founded in 2018 by two Finnish women with a mission to support the health and wellbeing of new mums. Their innovative products are designed by the founders in Finland and the brand is committed to improving the everyday life of all the amazing mums out there.

The aim of the campaign was to create brand awareness and to open up conversation about why self-care, both physical and mental, is so important in motherhood.

Lola&Lykke teamed up with two awesome mom bloggers that really clearly understood the brands mission and here’s what was created.

So much has changed with each of my subsequent pregnancies, and things I love and do as a mother now weren’t even around on my first pregnancy 4 years ago. I recently came across Lola & Lykke – which is a new Nordic lifestyle brand for moms, who are on a mission to support moms´ health and well-being. When they asked me to put together a post about the well-being of mothers and self-care I jumped at the chance. Why? Because I’m passionate about the topic, as passionate as Lola & Lykke it would seem.
— Emma - Life With Tiny Humans
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- THE HUMAN DONKEY - I have taken to referring to myself as the human donkey of recent, because invariably throughout the day someone is hanging off or out of me! In all honesty, when my husband walks in the door some evenings it takes everything in me to refrain from doing a mic drop and leaving him to it! I’m a big advocate of being ‘Self-care aware’, and not just on Mother's Day. It’s what helps me manage this lot from day to day. Carving out some time to look afer myself. Recognising the toll this motherhood gig takes on my body – both physically and mentally. Selfish and Self-care aren’t synonymous. Minding the minder is literally the best way to be your best self – so remember that beyond today. Now go get yourself some fancy shampoo and nice chocolate (the good stuff!!) – do what makes you, feel like you!!!🙌🙋 What's your self-care go to!? . I’ve teamed up with @LolaLykke_formums to have the chats about why self-care, both physical & mental, is so so important in motherhood. I’ve a new blog post up (link in Bio) – Needless to say I’m delighted to be working with a brand as passionate about this topic as I am! We all know I'm a bit partial to a self-care Sunday!!!🙌 . . #sponsored #irishbloggeragency . #lifewithtinyhumans #selfcaresunday #selfcare #momsofig #momssupportingmoms #girlgang #irishmom #ourhome #irishmammy #lookafteryourself #mentalhealthawareness #postnatal #postnatalcare #postpartumbody #postpartum #irishblogger #momof3 #mytribe #boymom #mothersday #lolalykke #supportingmom #motherhoodunplugged #honestmotherhood #motherhood

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