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Limerick Style Experience...What an experience!!!

Limerick's top retailers played host a group of influential bloggers on Friday, 9th December for the inaugural #LimerickStyle event.   The event organised by Limerick Style Experience Committee, with 20 Irish bloggers selected by Irish Blogger Agency to participate in the 'experience' was a massive success from start to finish. 

Find out how the bloggers enjoyed their day of fun, fashion and food:

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In the spotlight - Lily Boutique

Fashionista's get ready as we take to the streets of Limerick...our third stop as part of Limerick Style Experience is Lily Boutique.  A fast but fun day is in store as Limerick is put in the spotlight on the 9th December.  Follow the Bloggers on social media using the hashtag #LimerickStyle and #IrishBloggerAgency

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In the spotlight - O'Donnell Boutique

Our second stop as part of Limerick Style Experience is O'Donnell Boutique on 11 Catherine Street Limerick.  On Friday the 9th December 2016, you can follow 20 VIP Bloggers on social media as they take to the streets of Limerick, will be spoiled by local retailers and given an idea into why Limerick is the Style Capital of Ireland #LimerickStyle   

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