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Is the Galway Player engaged?

The question on everyone's lips this week...

Is the Galway Player really off the market?  Author, blogger, lover, legend, The Galway Player was the kinda guy that you wouldn't want your sister to meet but you know she'd have a great time if she did.  

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Afternoon Tea at The 4 star Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown, Dublin

A number of bloggers from Irish Blogger Agency recently attending Afternoon Tea at the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown to sample the delights of the new Afternoon Tea menu.  The setting was absolutely beautiful and it truly was an afternoon tea experience to remember.  From the warm and friendly welcome from the staff of the Carlton Hotel Blanchardstown to the attention to detail, it was the perfect afternoon.

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Sundial - Capture The Light

Every Sundial watch is a piece of state-of- the-art design, illuminated by science.  It has all the benefits of a modern quartz movement, without the need for battery changes. A Sundial watch contains a solar panel behind the dial which harvests energy from light and stores this energy in a rechargeable cell. The stored energy keeps the watch powered for 6 months on a full charge, and automatically replenishes through exposure to light during everyday wear.

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Sundial Watches - Capture The Light

Sundial watches began with a simple conversation that took place, in passing, between a watch designer and his photographer friend. One a craftsman, the other an artist – but both, in different ways, fascinated by time and all its nuances.

The photographer spent his time in search of shots that inspire, invoke and inform. Whether shooting a dramatic landscape or creating a poignant portrait, he was driven to capture the essence of his subject. In this quest, light was his greatest ally.

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