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How Writing Changed The Game


Derek O Kelly is Director and Education Manger at The Waverley Academy, an award winning college in the hair, beauty & fitness sectors.

He is also author of 3 best selling books including Irelands first makeup book and Irelands first teacher training book for the hair, beauty and fitness sectors.

His academic background is in sports injuries, sports psychology and adult educational psychology.

His life's work is now dedicated to giving back and he is currently:

  • Assisting 5 start ups in the sectors of food, beauty & fitness.  

  • Planning a series of free talks to help others develop careers and businesses in the hair, beauty & fitness industries.

  • Developing the Winning Minds Movement, a social initiative to promote and teach the skills of positive thinking.

  • Utilising the rescourses of The Waverley Academy to help others develop.

Derek is one of our guest speakers at our upcoming event in Cork and will be talking about “How writing changed the game” and he will focus on 3 key parts of his 26 year journey. 

  • The road back
  • The power of writing
  • The lessons learned