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We are Ireland's dedicated agency for Digital Influencer Marketing. Irish Blogger Agency is home to more than 500 bloggers, vloggers and social influencers. Let us help you connect and grow.


Sinéad Carroll 

Founder & CEO Irish Blogger Agency

Sinéad Carroll is an entrepreneur, connector, influencer and mom of 3. Sinéad founded Irish Blogger Agency in mid 2016 following the success and growth of Into The West Blogger Network over a 3 year period.  With a database of 1,000+ bloggers, influencers, and Youtubers from all over Ireland Sinéad connects brands and influencers.   

Sinéad has gained valuable experience over the past number of years, engaging digital influencers and bloggers as part of client's digital marketing strategy and has implemented successful marketing strategies with a broad range of businesses within the health and beauty, hospitality, retail, food and financial services industries. 

With 30% of consumers more likely to buy, the power of influencers cannot be ignored .  That’s why brands see the value of turning to influencers to reach or engage new audiences -- it’s a way to broadcast their messages as told by an authoritative source that people actually pay attention to. And no matter your industry, there’s likely an opportunity for your brand to connect and collaborate with influencers. 

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