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Roger has a wide range of experience leading, managing and inspiring people. Successful in the Military and then in the Recruitment businesses with the emphasis on a start-up over recent years. Major strengths include relationship management, training and efficiency. 

Ex Military Army Officer, Recruitment Consultant and now business and people development professional. Passion for building efficiency through helping others discover their potential thus being able to bring out the best in an individual in order to function as a winning team. 

Throughout his army career his best times were working with "problem" soldiers and helping people identify that they are capable of achieving great results. Bringing together a team who work alongside each other and thrive off one another's drive and individual strength's will achieve incredible results. 

The Recruitment industry really captured the essence of Roger's skills, as building relationships has been the fundamental key to his success. Coupled with an attitude focussed on efficiency practises and simply always asking himself "what can I do better" has lead this path of personal growth and business success. 

Roger's objective is to guide people to find the amazing reservoir of personal resources they hold within themselves; to facilitate change towards personal growth, fulfilment, zest for life, appreciation and achievement. People can achieve what ever they want, just by having sheer determination to never give up. By being the best you can be, every day, will see your life catch fire.

Workshops Commencing October 2016


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