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Destination adare - blogger event

21st October 2017


09.15 am - Meet & Greet at Adare Heritage Centre (free parking in Adare and in car park behind Heritage Centre).  Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

09.30 am - Complimentary breakfast at Dovecote Restaurant , Adare Heritage Centre.

10.30 am - Mini Fashion Show from Adare Woollens and Black Abbey in reception of Adare Heritage Centre. 

11.30 am - Trip to Desmond Castle on bus provided by Adare Heritage Centre.

12.30 pm -  Back in village. 

1.00 pm - Fashion show at Lucy Erridge Adare.  Follow on Facebook.

2.00 pm - Aisling Maher Millinery and fashion shop.  Follow on Twitter and Facebook.

3.00 pm - Life and Soul Boutique.  Follow on Facebook

4.00 pm - Lady Penelope Boutique.  Follow on Facebook.

5.00 pm - Fashion shop /art gallery to be confirmed

Prizes up for grabs

  • Best Instagram post about Adare Woollens. 
  • Best Facebook post about Black Abbey.
  • Best Facebook post about Aisling Maher.
  • Best Facebook post about Lady Penelope.
  • Best Facebook post about Lucy Erridge. 
  • Best Facebook post about Vokes.